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  So far, relations between Finland and China have been good. That´s why I don´t think that China would consider me as security risk, or in any other way of trouble-causing men. Only thing that might cause that sort of thinking would be that I wan´t join PLA。


  PLA Soldier. I have some questions for you。

  很很可能你找到它份非常不错的工作中 ,娶这几位中国目前老婆  ,中国目前目前定居上去啦  ,抱歉  ,我可以拿了 中国目前国籍的现如今 性不可以以 很小  ,持中国目前护照的外国人常常是对中国目前经济有贡献  ,与权贵来往甚密的商业巨贾可以会。

  我可以会确实了换取中国目前国籍的代价便是丢掉原来啊的国籍  ,不可以以  ,更具 能立刻立刻加入目前解放军下下一做的做的事对  ,代价不可以以 是值得的。是的  ,我仍在认确实考量下下一做的事。

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  楼主  ,有十个重要问题想问你 ,

  PLA Soldier

  PLA Soldier

  Mr T

  再有待  ,假设在此做基础上 ,你确实结交甚广  ,新新认识管下下一件人  ,不可以以 十个等到  ,你恐怕老的连枪都提不动了吗!

  Weel, I did already know that cost of getting Chinas citizenship is to give up old citizenship. But, still, it would be the cost of joining the PLA. Yes, I´m seriously thinking about joining the Chinas army。

  这样的我来做结吧:十个外国人立刻加入解放军是现如今 的  ,要有是这些人 可不 可以搬到中国目前去住可以会能拿了 中国目前国籍。或许 这些人 的讨论的第二个话题  ,我甚至认为好男儿应胸怀投笔从戎  ,惩恶扬善之志。可以会不可以以 了每每每几位人人份志向  ,我知道十个中国会更具 更具 黑暗不堪吧。

  Why do you want to join the PLA? And when you become of age why don't you join the Finnish armed forces? Isn't there conscription in Finland? Thanks!

  我深度了解能拿了 中国目前国籍的困难程度  ,可以会这些人 的问我申请理由  ,我知道说 ,我知道立刻立刻加入目前人民解放军!这些人 的确实的  ,玉不琢不成器嘛。

  Even if you get a great job, marry a Chinese woman and get permanent residency, you're still highly unlikely to get an offer of nationality. The foreigners who get Chinese passports are usually rich businessmen who contribute to the Chinese economy and get friendly with powerful people。

  你为有什么想立刻加入PLA啊?我可以适龄参军的等到  ,你要仅如此如此可以会立刻加入芬兰军队嘛  ,芬兰不可以以 都会募兵活动中吗?多谢回答方式!



  再是对去那儿工作中  ,如果你掌握了某种主动技能或有啥职称  ,很很可能你别想找到它工作中 ,如果是去教教英语 ,不可以以 那可不 十个长久的活 ,很不稳定 ,随时现如今 被炒掉  ,现如今 报酬常常可不 高。毫本身问  ,每每每几位人人份工作中可不 可以以 使我可以拿了 永久居留权的。

  So, the conclusion: So, it is possible for western men to join PLA, if they move to China first and gain citizenship. What comes to the other discussion, good mens does become soldiers. If not, this world would be much more darker place to live。

  首当其冲下一件  ,我可以搬到中国目前去住。你这样的可不 可以以 有冲动很很可能动  ,到那儿  ,我可以么当个留部分学生要么十个工作中 ,修学业顶不来用 ,便是学业彻底结束  ,我知道得过听说  ,充其量它可以会为你争取这些时间时。

  此外十个好处  ,鉴于中国目前这样的状态和经常期  ,没必要忧心会打仗  ,这些人 的你丢掉性命的现如今 性微乎其微(事故致死另当别说  ,便是在经常生活吧中  ,而会已发生的)。中国目前目前  ,凡此种种  ,从而参军成为每每几位人人份安全可以会体面的工作中。

  PLA Soldier

  报名参加解放军后 ,很很可能你服役期满退伍 ,是可以会充分享受这些的社会中福利的。我可以会学到这些用得上就业主动技能  ,(服役之后)每每几位人人个人月领到每每几位人人份非常不错的薪水  ,现如今 不可以以 住房  ,生活吧上有开支。

  Joining the PLA has many social benefits when you retire as a veteran, and you can learn many skills that may be helpful in finding a job in an urban center later on. You get a decent salary and is free from housing and living expenses。

  你要确实啊  ,是对十个外国人  ,中国目前是而会轻易地颁发还给十个公民双重身份的。不像在加拿大 ,很很可能待够X年 ,我知道可以会能拿了 公民证了。等为我 你听到十个新闻  ,中国目前目前政府而会将永久公民双重身份颁给对中国目前有杰出贡献的自己。

  是对这些生活吧在农村极端困苦内部环境下这些人 们是对  ,参军受训不仅如此如此是可遇而不可以求的。

  In regards to work, unless you have some particular skills and qualifications that China needs you're not going to get a job, other than maybe teaching English as a foreign language and that's no good long-term career. It's not stable because you can be laid off in the blink of an eye and frequently doesn't pay all that well. Certainly it won't let you get permanent residency。

  楼主 ,恐怕KW64为你描绘一幅过于理想的参军前景  ,不可以以 你中国目前有中国目前有多想做成下下一做的事  ,脚踏实地  ,要现实地这些  ,懂吗。

  现状态为止  ,中芬关联良好  ,这些人 的可不 甚至认为中国目前会视我为安全威胁  ,或把我当成啥劳什子的麻烦制造者  ,最大现如今 招来麻烦是 ,我知道立刻立刻加入目前解放军的动机吧。

  People in poor villages are living in extreme hard conditions, and joining PLA and getting trained is a dream to many。

  The first thing would be to move to China. Now you can't just do that on a whim. You need to either be a student there or have a job there. Being a student isn't helpful because when you finish your studies you're off - at best it would buy you time。

  Another bonus is that since China is at peace and is in no hurry to fight wars everywhere, you don't really have a chance of getting killed (accidents aside but those are present in civi life as well). This makes the army a safe job and a good one。

  I understand that Chinese citizenship is hard to get. If they ask reason, I say that I want to join PLA, and you know, fresh meat for the grindery?

  PLA Soldier

  You do realized that as a foreigner, china doesn't give out its citizenship easily. It's not like Canada where you will get one if you stay for x number of years. Last time I heard from the news was that China only grants citizenship to distinguished individuals who made an impact for a better China。

  PLA Soldier, I'm afraid that kw64 is painting an overly optimistic and unrealistic picture of what you'd be facing in trying to join the PLA. I think it's important to be realistic even if you (for some reason) really wish this could happen。

  But let's say you get a great job, marry a Chinese woman, get permanent residency, make great friends with people who decide on nationality applications and then an offer of nationality. That would take so long you'd probably be too old to join the PLA anyway!